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Author: Sinisha Djukic | Posted: 14. June 2010 11:06 AM CEST
For better or for worse fragmentation hits the Market as well.
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Author: Sinisha Djukic | Posted: 03. June 2010 01:39 PM CEST
Google's Dan Morrill takes a first step towards an open discussion about Android fragmentation.I also recommend reading Chris Ziegler's comments at Engadget.
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Author: Roman Roelofsen | Posted: 01. June 2010 09:38 AM CEST
There're dozens and dozens of interesting resources about Android Fragmentation out there, so here's a list of a few of them:An Introduction to AndroidFragmentation.comSlides presented on ther German droidcon Conference on May 27th. There's some very interesting data in there, check it out. To Eat Donuts Forever – The Behold II Won’t Be Upgraded Past 1.6Posted by Chris Dehghanpoor in Behold IIhttp://www.and...
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Author: Andreas Constantinou | Reposted: 27. May 2010 08:46 PM CEST
There’s been plenty of talk of Android fragmentation, but little analysis of its meaning and impacts.As far as definitions go, the best way to look at fragmentation is not from an API viewpoint, but from an application viewpoint; if you take the top-10,000  (free and paid) apps on Android, how many of these run on all the Android-powered phones?For Google’s Android team, fragmentation is what keeps them up at night. Fragmentation reduces the addressable market of applications, increases the cost...
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Author: Seth Weintraub | Reposted: 25. May 2010 02:22 PM CEST
The rate of innovation on Android devices is so great that many buyers may feel alienated.Google's Android platform is morphing at an amazing rate.  So fast, in fact, that consumers may be hesitant to jump on board for fear that a new, better device may be right around the corner.Another concern: Will the device you bought be able to handle the firmware updates that come out toward the end of your contract?  Google has (GOOG) just released another iteration of their OS called Froyo and it has al...
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Author: Michael Gartenberg | Reposted: 24. May 2010 09:12 PM CEST
A few weeks ago I sat down with the father of Android, Andy Rubin. Andy's a super smart person, having done stints at Apple, General Magic, WebTV and Danger before starting the Android project. We talked about a lot of things, and we particularly spent time discussing Android fragmentation. I've written in the past about my concern that the Android platform is fragmenting much like desktop Linux has over the years, and the potential for the platform to turn into a patchwork of devices and vendor...
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Found on: Engadget - May 22nd, 2010 | Found by: Joachim Ritter
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Author: Marguerite Reardon | Reposted: 24. May 2010 09:06 PM CEST
Google's Android operating system may be a victim of its own success.More than 6 million handsets shipped in 2009 using Google's Android software. And the forecast in 2010 is that this figure will triple with shipments possibly topping out at 20 million this year. But a new study from IMS Research indicates that the rapid pace of Android's growth could cause more fragmentation, which could ultimately harm Android's potential as a leading smartphone operating system.The problem is that in going f...
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Found on: CNet - April 8th, 2010 | Found by: Joachim Ritter
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