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Author: AF Admin | Posted: 18. November 2013 01:40 PM CET
Thanks to our evergrowin community we passed the 10,000 report milestone!BIG thanks to all Android enthusiasts!
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Author: AF Admin | Posted: 27. February 2012 08:33 AM CET
We've reached 3000 reports today! Big thanks to all enthusiasts using Android Fragmentation and Android Analyzer!
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Author: AF Admin | Posted: 29. November 2011 08:47 AM CET
Many thanks to the reporter!
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Author: Nilay Patel | Reposted: 18. May 2011 04:32 PM CEST
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Author: AF Admin | Posted: 23. March 2011 08:20 AM CET
We are glad to annouce that our database has surpassed the 1000 report milestone, which is based on more than 70 OEMs, and nearly 200 models and 200 operators from all over the world!We would like to thank all enthusiasts who submitted their reports!
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Author: Vishruth Madhav | Reposted: 10. January 2011 09:37 AM CET
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Author: Jason Ankeny | Reposted: 24. November 2010 11:21 AM CET
Thanksgiving is Thursday, but forget turkey--right now, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is all about Gingerbread. Android 2.3--a.k.a. "Gingerbread," the latest in a growing line of dessert-themed OS update nicknames--is expected to emerge piping hot out of the kitchen any day now; earlier this month, Google strongly hinted the revamped platform is imminent, posting a Twitter photo capturing gingerbread cookies shaped to resemble the increasingly ubiquitous Android logo. Not to mention that Google CEO Eric ...
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